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"Find your inner voice", one week Oct 12-19 -24

Service Description

Welcome to an exploratory retreat, a journey to your inner self in a stunning setting on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily! The word retreat which means retreat, to withdraw, is something I come back to to have a break, stop, a meeting with myself, go deeper in my practice and find back to my true self and allow myself to hear and listen to my inner voice, which is easy to slip away from in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The hotel is beautifully situated on the north coast of Sicily on the beautiful Caldura Bay - a world of cliffs, small sun-drenched bays, beach and sea, within walking distance of the delightful little town of Cefalú. A wonderful place for a week filled with yoga and reflection but also with sun and swimming. Through two classes daily with tools from Hathayogan (Embodied Flow™) such as asanas, pranayama and meditation, but also through tantric philosophy, meditation in movement and reflective questions, you are guided on a journey from the outside to the inside in a calming environment. Veronica: "For me, yoga is a way of life that leads me home to my true authentic self. How can we in the journey of life feel as good, be as free and harmonious in our daily life as we can, follow our heart and our desire, because to pursue our dreams? I want to invite you to the journey of exploring your path in life, letting your true self emerge, following your heart and realizing your dreams. For me as a facilitator it is important to create a space where everyone can feel safe, to be exactly who they are which I feel is the key to being able to explore and dive deep into ourselves and move outside of comfort zones and step over thresholds." READ MORE

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