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Allow yourself to arrive in the space in between, Madhya, 27/4-4/5!

Service Description

Welcome to a journey towards balance and well-being, where we move away from the everyday stress and enjoy sunny Croatia. Here, right by the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, a seven-day yoga retreat awaits you. The intention of the trip is to land in the gap, the space in between, and what place is more inspiring than beautiful Croatia? Join us on an unforgettable yoga journey where the sun, the sea and a whole week of yoga and well-being await. The classes will be based on techniques from Embodied Flow™, a yoga practice rooted in hatha yoga. The classes will include asanas (yoga positions), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and also freer somatic movements. Some classes will be more physical and challenging, while others will focus on stillness and sitting meditation. The word "retreat," which means to "move away from or "withdraw from", is a term we return to for a pause, where we can stop and face ourselves. It is an opportunity to rediscover our core, our true self, something that can easily be lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The retreat gives us the opportunity to arrive in that space of stillness. During this week you get an opportunity to dive into yourself and land in where you are, what you need, what desires you have? It is in the pause that we can have the opportunity to listen to this, to really hear the desire of the soul, the voice of the heart. During your stay, you will also have plenty of time to explore the hotel and its surroundings. We will also have the opportunity to go on exciting excursions. Veronica: "For me, yoga is a way of life that leads me home to my true authentic self. How can we in the journey of life feel as good, be as free and harmonious in our daily life as we can, follow our heart and our desire, because to pursue our dreams? I want to invite you to the journey of exploring your path in life, letting your true self emerge, following your heart and realizing your dreams. For me as a facilitator it is important to create a space where everyone can feel safe, to be exactly who they are which I feel is the key to being able to explore and dive deep into ourselves and move outside of comfort zones and step over thresholds." READ MORE

Upcoming Sessions

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