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25h Immersion March 15-17 Gothenburg

Service Description

This training is for those who want to learn more about Yoga Nidra, a technique in guided deep relaxation practiced lying down in Savasana. The technique aims to help you experience deeper rest, relaxation and a meditative stage, the so-called hypnogogic state. When you enter this stage, you are between wakefulness and sleep. A lovely feeling. The effects of Yoga Nidra are many. Above all, a practice of yoga nidra gives you more energy and restore your body and mind. Nidra can help you fall asleep, to better manage the day after a sleepless night, to release both physical and mental tension and support the body's own healing system. Through the deep rest and relaxation achieved during a practice, you will benefit from these fine effects. The training takes place over a long weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening where we practice and have theory on between. ​ This is a training for those who want to deepen their knowledge for themselves, but also for those who want to be able to guide Yoga Nidras in the future. You will learn more about: - The effect of deep relaxation & rest in your own body - What happens when we rest? - What is yoga nidra and who benefits from the practice? - The nervous system, stress & sleep - The different stages of yoga nidra - Techniques that can be woven together with a yoga nidra - How do we create a yoga nidra (content, length, purpose) - To practice guiding someone else (if you want) - The role of the teacher, the importance of the voice, music, silence, environment... - Lots of practice & deep rest In this training you will meet Anna Wikström & Veronica Holm. Both with long experience in teaching and a little extra passionate about rest and recovery. WHEN March 15-17 2024 Fri 4.00-8.00pm Sat & Sun 8.30-5.30pm INVESTMENT: SEK 6900 (incl. 25% VAT) For those who wish, payment in 2 installments of SEK 3,450 x2 is offered The price includes all teaching, manual as well as mentoring and guidance.

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