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Women in Focus - Sundbyberg

An inspirational day for women between 35-65, March 25, 9am!

Service Description

How do our hormones change at this age and how does it affect you? How do you optimize your training to create hormonal balance? Don't miss this unique workshop for you woman in the middle of life! We have created a day where the full focus is on you as a woman! We want to give you the chance to get inspiration about your hormonal health and hopefully get answers to a lot of questions about what happens before, during and after menopause. The day includes both lectures and training sessions. We break in the middle of the day for lunch at a restaurant close by (optional) We book a table at a nearby restaurant. Lunch is not included in the price. Specify when booking if you want to join us for lunch. LOCATION Kyrkogatan 5, 17232 Sundbyberg PRICE SEK 695 YOUR COACHES/TEACHERS Pia Jutebrink Silje Vik Vilval Veronica "Vera" Holm Louise Rudberg mfl READ MORE & BOOKING

Upcoming Sessions

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