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The Power of Mantra - Gothenburg

Welcome to a workshop with yoga, mantra & meditation, April 1st, 1pm!

Service Description

The healing vibrations Welcome to a workshop with yoga, meditation & mantra! Are you curious about the mantra's healing effect and how it helps us enter meditation and stillness? Do you want to feel more comfortable chanting mantra or maybe you just like to express yourself with your voice? Or maybe you find it challenging? Regardless of how you feel, there is so much to explore when it comes to the voice and chanting mantras. Both loud and quiet. Anna and Veronica met for the first time at a yoga teacher training. They both very much enjoyed listening to and chanting mantras in a group. The vibrations gave them a sense of contact and presence. A longing was born to one day be able to share the healing vibrations that mantras provide. They were both terrified to take the leap but they decided to challenge their fears. They chose to continue working with the voice and see where it will take them. Today, eight years later, they both sing in classes from time to time. Veronica has also taken it a step further and recorded several famous mantras that are available on Spotify 💫 Anything can happen when we challenge ourselves and follow the tickling voice inside. It's not about being able to sing or having "a good voice" (whatever that might be). Anyone can chant mantras and it's the vibrations and the contact that's the thing. The mantra is a great help in meditation. When we meditate it is easier to hear the voice within and start the flow of amrita, your nectar and life elixir that keeps you alive and in your true nature. Do you also feel that you want to try and see what mantras and vibrations can do for you? Join Anna & Veronica on a vibrant workshop with wonderful yoga, mantras and meditation. WHEN Saturday April 1 - 1:00-6:00pm - 5 hours Book you spot at INVESTMENT 995 SEK LOCATION Olismo Yoga, Bomgatan 7, 412 64 Göteborg, Sweden

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