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Available Online


Yoga or Functional Training via Zoom.

Service Description

This service allows you to choose to be home with guidance from me via Zoom or the option to practice outdoors. A private yoga or training session is tailor made after your wishes and needs. If you: - are new to yoga and want to move through the basics before attending a group class - want to explore and find the best way for you and your body to move into the poses - want a personalized sequence and tools to practice on your own - need a restorative practice for a deeper relaxation and reduce stress - want to work on you flexibility and strength - want tools to find balance in your life A private personal training session is tailor-made after your goals, needs and wishes. If you: - want to build your foundational strength - have special goals like running in an event - build strength by weightlifting using barbells or kettlebells - work on your mobility - combining functional training and yoga

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